Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions apply to all purchases at Omega Innovation on this website. Therefore, we recommend that you read them thoroughly before purchasing. By placing an order, you agree to be bound by our applicable terms and conditions.

"Website" means website and webshop at www.omegainnovation.eu.
"Goods" are the goods delivered in accordance with these terms and conditions.
"Order", "purchase" means orders and purchases on the website.
"We/us/our" and "the company" means Omega Innovation, Linkøpingvej 10, DK-4900 Nakskov, Denmark, CVR No. 17244477.
"Customer" means customer and user of our website.


  • Use of website and webshop
  • Omega Innovation's rights on the website
  • Content of the website
  • Customer information
  • Sale of goods agreement
  • Prices
  • Payment
  • Delivery method and conditions
  • Warranty, refund and cancellation
  • Privacy policy
  • General terms

1) Use of Website and Webshop

This website is run by Omega Innovation. It is aimed at consumers, and the information is in Danish and English. The website is designed to comply with current legislation in Denmark and the EU. It can be used outside Denmark and the EU, but in that case, we cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with local marketing rules or other laws related to the website or its contents. We reserve the right to limit access to certain parts of the website for registered customers.

Terms and conditions apply to all users of the website, and we reserve the right to make updates and changes on an ongoing basis. On the website we collect information about the users and their visits to the website according to our privacy and cookie policy.

2) Omega Innovation's Rights on the Website

Copyright and other proprietary rights (intellectual property rights) on the website and its contents (including design, text, logos, company names, graphics, software and other materials) are owned by Omega Innovation. Users may not themselves or allow others to publish, copy, distribute or modify any of the contents of the website.

Anyone can see the website, print pages from it for personal use, browse our products and order items from us. Any other use is strictly prohibited without our prior written permission. It is not allowed for other companies or business enterprises to copy material from the website.

No trademarks, logos or other marks appearing on the website may be copied, reproduced or used in any way. Links to our website on other websites are at our discretion, and we may at any time require that links to our website be removed.

3) Content of the Website

The company Omega Innovation, its management, employees, representatives and related companies within the group are not liable for any damages, losses or costs arising from the use of or visit to the site.

We may at any time and without prior notice change, remove or otherwise adapt the contents of our website.

The website may contain links. They are only used to ensure a good customer experience, and we are not responsible for the content or availability of other websites or their use.

We aim for product images on the website to be accurate, but there may be colour variations between images and actual items.

Reservations are made for errors, viruses and the like on the website, and we strive to ensure that the website is always available – but not while necessary updates and technical adjustments are in progress.

4) Customer Information

Only people over the age of 18 with a valid debit card in their own name can place orders on the website. The customer, therefore, declares to be 18 years old when placing his or her order.

All information entered by the customer must be up-to-date, accurate, truthful and must not be copied. Customers are not allowed to use any kind of abusive, obscene or threatening language in the communication with us through the website.

The customer must always use his or her own identity when using the website. Information about others may not be used unless authorized.

The customer must not corrupt the site, flood it with information that may lead to malfunction, or use features that may affect the site, such as worms, viruses or similar harmful elements. Use of spam is also prohibited.

Omega Innovation cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that the customer may suffer as a result of harmful material that may infect computer, data or other material as a result of the use of our website.

Omega Innovation can deny any customer/user access to our website if the above conditions are not met.

5) Sale of Goods Agreement

The website shows goods that are advertised for sale. When presenting goods on the website, the customer is invited to order goods from Omega Innovation. If the customer places an order, we are not obliged to accept. The order and contract between the customer and us will only be created, if we accept the order. Our acceptance of the order and the creation of a binding contract only takes place when the payment is registered on our payment server. The customer receives a receipt for the ordered and paid goods, after which the goods are sent to the stated recipient address with the form of shipment chosen by the customer. Omega Innovation sends the customer's invoice for the delivery per email when the goods are shipped from Omega Innovation.

Omega Innovation can reject or cancel the order in case of

  • Failure to approve the payment or incomplete payment process
  • Identification of product or pricing errors on the website
  • Failure to fulfil the purchase criteria by the customer
  • Suspicion that the order is related to illegal activity
  • Failure to submit all necessary information for fulfilment of the order
  • Inaccessible or sold out items

Omega Innovation reserves the right to contact the customer by phone or e-mail to check information and details prior to processing and sending a received order. For example, orders of a particularly large quantity and/or high value.

The displayed products for sale on the website are intended for use by consumers and may not be resold or offered to others for commercial purposes. We reserve the right to limit the total value of goods that may be included in an order. If the total value is exceeded in accordance with our current regulations, we contact the customer immediately.

Omega Innovation does not keep agreements after executing the order in such a way that they are available to the customer afterwards. Omega Innovation therefore encourages the customer to store the received order confirmation and invoice for later use if desired.

6) Prices

All prices for products on the website are quoted in Euro and exclusive shipping and fees. The total price to be paid, including shipping and fees for payment by debit or credit card, etc., is determined and stated at the latest before closing and completing the purchase. If the customer buys more goods, the shipping costs and fees are calculated at the end of the purchase.

Prices and delivery costs are as published on the website when the order is accepted. Shipping costs are shown separately and are valid as stated on the website when the order is placed.

Offers and promotions on the website are subject to availability, and Omega Innovation may change or withdraw them at any time and without notice. Nothing obliges us to maintain offers or promotions for any given period. Any further applicable terms and details will be displayed on the website.

7) Payment

Omega Innovation receives payment by:

  • VISA
  • VISA Electron
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • JCB

The customer can only use a debit card where he or she is the named cardholder. The customer confirms to be the authorized cardholder upon placing an order. All cardholders are subject to validation and security checks as well as authorization from card issuer and any additional terms imposed by the issuer. If the issuer does not allow payment, the order is not accepted. We are not responsible for any delays or lack of delivery.

The card provider can charge a fee for using the card on the Omega Innovation website. The customer must carefully check the terms and conditions of the card provider before submitting payment information.

If Omega Innovation does not have a sufficiently large stock of goods, we will notify the customer via e-mail or telephone, and the credit and or payment card transaction will be cancelled and/or refunded. We will do so as soon as possible and no later than 30 (thirty) days from the order date.

We are not liable for compensation if the ordered goods are not available.

Validation of names, addresses and other details provided by the customer will take place in commercially available registers. We may, if deemed necessary, use a third party to obtain customer information. When ordering goods, the customer accepts that information can be passed on to a registered credit information agency that can check the information.

Payment will only be deducted when the item is shipped.

All amounts are in Euro and are incl. VAT.

Omega Innovation uses the Quickpay payment server that encrypts card information with SSL-technology. This means that unauthorized persons cannot read the information.

Omega Innovation does not register or store the customer's credit card and account information.

8) Delivery Method and Conditions

The freight amount is automatically added to the purchase amount in the shopping cart, and it appears when freight supplier has been chosen.

On all weekdays, Omega Innovation processes orders received before 12:00. The goods are sent by GLS.

Omega Innovation strives to deliver the goods within the indicative delivery times stated on the website, and you will receive an email incl. invoice when the goods are shipped from Omega Innovation. If the delivery is delayed, the customer is notified, and we will provide a new delivery date, if possible. We are not responsible for any consequences of a delay.

The ownership of goods passes to the customer upon dispatch of the goods from our address. The customer is responsible for the goods from the time of delivery and should take reasonable responsibility for it.

If the goods or the quantity of goods that the customer receives are not as ordered, the customer must inform Omega Innovation as soon as possible by telephone, email or letter, when the goods are received. Omega Innovation may refund delivery costs for returning wrong goods to our address. The customer must not open goods that have been sent incorrectly and which the customer intends to send back to us. If we have delivered a larger number of goods than ordered, the customer has the right to reject the excess goods or accept all goods delivered. If the customer chooses to accept the extra goods, we are entitled to charge the customer for the extra goods at current prices.

Goods are delivered to the address provided by the customer. However, delivery may vary according to freight form. The customer must provide a valid delivery address in the order.

If goods are not delivered within the expected delivery time, the customer should notify us no later than 30 days after the missing delivery.

9) Warranty, Refund and Cancellation

We provide 2-year warranty under the Buying Act. Our warranty applies to defects in material and/or fabrication. The right of complaint is calculated from the time the customer received the item. However, since the goods have a limited service life, the right of complaint is limited to the service life indicated by the Best Before date stamped on the goods.

Claims do not apply to errors or damages caused by incorrect transportation, storage, and/or use of the product.

In case of complaints, the customer must contact:

Omega Innovation
Linkøpingvej 10
DK-4900 Nakskov

Notice: We do not receive parcels sent COD or with insufficient postage.

If there is a defect in the purchased item, the customer may, in accordance with §78 of the Purchasing Act, choose between 1) redelivery, 2) an appropriate discount or 3) withdrawal of the purchase, provided that the defect is not insignificant. However, the customer may not require a redelivery if this is impossible or it will incur disproportionate costs to Omega Innovation.

If Omega Innovation offers to redeliver, the customer cannot claim a proportional discount or withdraw the purchase.

In the event of a redelivery, Omega Innovation pays reasonable costs for returning the item and resends the item to the customer free of charge.

If the purchase is cancelled and a refund has been agreed upon, the customer must at our request send his or her bank data so that we can transfer the agreed amount.

The customer has 14 days full return on goods purchased in our webshop. The period is calculated from the day the customer physically receives the goods. If the order is divided in separate packages, the cancellation deadline is calculated from the day the last product is delivered to the customer.

If the last day for the exercise of the right of withdrawal falls on a public holiday or during a weekend, the withdrawal period expires on the following working day.

The goods must be returned to Omega Innovation, Linkøpingvej 10, 4900 Nakskov.

Return costs must be borne by the customer and the customer bears the risk and responsibility for the goods themselves until Omega Innovation receives them. Omega Innovation therefore recommends that the goods be packed safely and securely before the return and that the customer keeps a receipt for the shipment of the goods.

Notice: We do not receive parcels sent COD or with insufficient postage.

Cancellation must be notified to us within 14 days of purchase – and from the cancellation the customer must return the shipment within 14 days.

The notification must be given per email at mail@omegainnovation.dk. In the email, the customer must clearly indicate to us that he or she wants to exercise the right of withdrawal. Please use our standard withdrawal form and return it.

Goods must be returned in unused condition and in original packaging. If the units (stickpacks and/or boxes containing stickpacks) are opened, they are considered consumed and will not be refunded.

Immediately after Omega Innovation has received the customer's notice of cancellation, the customer will receive a receipt for this at the e-mail address provided by the customer during the ordering process.

Within 14 days after Omega Innovation has received the customer's notice of cancellation of the purchase, all amounts received from the customer in connection with the purchase will be repaid, including the full price, fees and any delivery costs, corresponding to the cheapest standard delivery method Omega Innovation has offered, regardless of the form of delivery the customer has actually chosen.

The customer must upon request send us his or her bank data so that we can repay the amount as specified in the above.

The customer cannot partially regret a purchase. If the customer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, all goods delivered connected with the purchase must be returned. Omega Innovation will make a refund as soon as the goods have been returned to Omega Innovation's address.

If the goods are damaged during the return shipment, the customer is liable for the impairment of the goods.

The item is sealed for health protection and hygiene reasons. Thus, the customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal if the goods seal is broken.

Any complaints about products purchased in our webshop can be directed to EU Commission's online complaint platform, http://ec.europa.eu/odr

10) Privacy policy

Upon ordering, we register the customer's name and address in our system.

When we collect personal information via our website, we ensure that this is done by giving consent so that the customer is informed about what information we collect and why we do it. We keep the information until the customer asks us otherwise.

Read more under Omega Innovation's Data Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

11) General Terms

All property rights (intellectual property rights) to the goods are and remain the property of us or our subcontractors. At no time should the rights, title or interest in the intellectual property rights pass to the customer.

We will not in any way be liable to the customer for failure to sell goods that the customer wishes to purchase or otherwise for non-compliance with our obligations to the contract or any costs or obligations incurred by the customer as a result of circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any form of force majeure, flood, fire, dispute settlement, lack of third party materials or services or terrorist attacks.

The contract between the customer and us is personal and binding. This means that no other person can enforce the terms of the contract or claim rights against it.

The customer may not transfer or assign rights or obligations under the contract to another person without our express consent. There may be situations where we need to assign our rights and obligations under the contract or designate third parties to help us live up to our contractual obligations and we can do so at any time, provided that it does not reduce our obligations to the customer.

The contract between the customer and us is subject to Danish law, and any dispute arising between us and the customer will be settled by Danish courts.

Omega Innovation may change its general terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Any change will take effect immediately after being posted on the website and will be deemed accepted by any person using the website.

If the customer has already placed an order that is accepted by the company, the contract will continue to be subject to the version of our general terms and conditions that were in effect at the time the order was placed, subject to any changes expressly agreed upon by the customer and Omega Innovation.

Nothing in our terms and conditions seeks to exclude or limit rights under applicable law that cannot be excluded or restricted. This means that these terms and conditions do not change the rights that the law grants to the customer and which the law does not allow us to change or restrict.