Omega Innovation was founded in 2015 and we only offer products that are made of fresh and natural raw products.

Our customer promise is:

  • to use traceable and high-quality raw materials only
  • that catch and manufacturing processes are sustainable and lenient to the environment
  • that the fresh and natural nutrients in our products are maintained

Vesteraalens AS in Norway is our close partner and has been a manufacturer of high-quality and pure fish products, including Omega-3 oils, since 1912. Vesteraalens AS exclusively use fresh fish in the manufacture and gentle product processing where fish and by-products are utilized as sustainably as possible.

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A common goal for Vesteraalens AS and Omega Innovation is to supply pure, traceable, and sustainable products of outstanding quality for both humans and animals, made without using artificial additives.
Omega Innovation is committed to and has worked intensively with the nutritional aspects of Omega-3 oils with specific focus on the importance of avoiding decomposition and rancidity. Besides the extremely high quality of our fish oil, we offer unique stickpacks that are hygienic, light- and air-protecting and ensure the oil’s freshness from production until consumption.



Our products contain pure fish oil (Omega-3) extracted from the livers of freshly caught Atlantic cod (Gadus Morhua), living naturally along the North-Norwegian coasts. The cods are caught by means of sustainable and MSC-approved methods and the fresh fish immediately undergo further processing. The end-products are stored within max. 24 hours of the catch. This ensures an Omega-3 oil of high quality as the natural nutrients of the fresh raw material are preserved. 


The cod livers are inspected before being led into a gentle and carefully controlled extraction process where the pure fish oil is extracted in small batches at low temperatures. No genetically modified organisms (GMO's) are added and the oil is characterized by a fresh taste and mild scent of fish. Before packing, a small amount of pure rape seed oil is added, primarily for stabilization, but also to consider humans’ and animals’ need for both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.


The oil is packed under nitrogen cover in opaque stickpacks with doses of 50 ml for horses and 7.5 ml for humans, dogs and cats. This packing system ensures that the oil is protected against light, air, and heat and that it remains fresh until consumption.



The more fish oil is exposed to light, air, and heat, the faster it starts decomposing, resulting in the oil both smelling and tasting rancid. Stickpacks make dosing of the right portion of oil easy, even when you are training, taking part in competitions, are out shooting or at exhibitions, etc. with your horse or pet.

Our packing system avoids any residual oil being opened and becoming rancid, and the stickpacks are delivered in boxes with 30 pcs for one month’s consumption. 50 ml stickpacks for horses are delivered in boxes fitting into the feed trolley, whereas 7.5 ml stickpacks are sent in flat boxes that can be delivered directly in most types of mailboxes.

Our packaging is, of course, food-certified and produced according to principles of sustainability – from stickpack to wrapping. Read more about our packaging here.


Our bodies do not produce the vital fatty acids EPA and DHA. Therefore, they must – like vitamins – be added to the body through the diet or as a supplement.

Our Omega-3 is a pure oil with a high content of EPA and DHA and as the fresh oil is liquid, it is absorbed by the body without discomfort. Smell and taste are neutral and the oil’s natural golden colour is maintained, as no colorants are added. The oil may be taken directly from the stickpack or at one of your daily meals. It is easily poured over the feed for your horse, dog or cat.

The most asked questions
1.Why should I give my horse fish oil?

OmegaStar benefits your horse’s body. The oil contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which your horse needs daily. With its high energy content, OmegaStar may replace some of the grain in the feed portions. Thus, the meals will be smaller and the horse’s digestion is less burdened by starch. This may contribute to prevent gastric disorders without affecting the horse’s feed condition. 

2.Do horses like fish oil?

Yes, they do, and in our experience most horses eat OmegaStar without hesitation. Some horses need a couple of days to get used to the change in their feeding routine, but you just need to leave the feed in the manger and wait for the horse to finish eating at its own pace. After a few days, the horse will approach the feed as usual and lick up every drop of OmegaStar.

3.How much oil does my horse, dog or cat need?

Basically, we work with the concept of "minimum dosage" as our natural oil is harmless even in large quantities. In other words, no matter how large a dose, the body will absorb what it needs and excrete the rest. This applies to both humans and animals.

We recommend a daily minimum dose of 50 ml for horses, as this quantity will cover the horse’s daily need for Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. 

For large and middle-sized dogs, we recommend a minimum daily dose of 7.5 ml, while a daily dose every second day may be enough for small dogs and cats.

If you are not sure of the doses in proportion to the size of your dog or cat, you can always try to adjust the doses gradually.

4.How to take the oil.

Pour OmegaStar over the feed immediately before serving.

OmegaNutrition may be taken directly from the stickpack, mixed into a small glass of juice or served with one of your daily meals.

5.Why is the daily dose of 7.5 ml the same for both dogs and cats?

Size and weight of dogs and cats vary a lot according to breed and type. Therefore, we have for practical reasons chosen a minimum dose of 7.5 ml in our stickpacks for dogs and cats.

Our oil is refined and natural, and your dog’s and cat’s body will absorb, what it needs and excrete the rest. A minimum dose every second day may be enough for small dogs and cats.

6.Why is the daily dose for humans 7.5 ml?

Usually, minimum 5 ml of pure Omega-3 oil per day per adult is recommended. However, as our oil both contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 we recommend a daily minimum dose of 7.5 ml per adult.

Very physically active people, e.g. athletes may benefit from a higher dose for the muscles to recover faster both during and after training and competitions.

Of course, you can always experiment to find the quantity most comfortable for you. Again, please remember that your body will absorb the oil it needs, the rest will be excreted.

7.When can the effect of OmegaStar be seen?

Generally, you will see and feel the effect within a few weeks. However, with horses it may take between 10-12 weeks, until the horse can fully exploit the dosed oil quantity.

In horses, the effects are more shiny fur, stronger hooves, more energy, and increased mobility and well-being.

In dogs and cats, the same effects are seen – and in humans, OmegaNutrition has good effects on you heart and brain, joints and muscles, etc.

8.Are there any side effects by taking the oil?

No side effects are known.

9.How to store OmegaStar and OmegaNutrition

We recommend that the OmegaStar and OmegaNutrition products are stored at a temperature of approximately 20oC, but you may also choose to store them in cold rooms or your refrigerator. If you e.g. only use half the content of a stickpack, it can easily be closed with a bag clip and stored for the next day.

The OmegaStar-oils can also be frozen.

10.Why is OmegaStar and OmegaNutrition in stickpacks and not in bottles?

Our oil products are available in practical and hygienic stickpacks of 50 ml for horses and 7.5 ml for humans, dogs, and cats. Stickpacks ensure that the oil is not exposed to light and air, and therefore it remains fresh until consumption.

Dosing is easy, and the stickpacks fit easily into your bags, when you attend competitions, exhibitions, are on holiday, go shooting etc.

11.Can I buy single stickpacks?

Stickpacks are delivered with 30 pcs in a box, i.e. one stickpack per day in a month.

The boxes have a practical design; boxes with OmegaStar for Horses easily fit into a feed trolley, while the boxes for OmegaStar for Pets and OmegaNutrition are flat and can be delivered directly in most mailbox types.

12.What is the packaging made of?

Omega Innovation offers products made of fresh and natural ingredients. The ingredients are traceable and the catch and production processes are gentle to the environment. The same dedication applies to our product packaging, where we are at pains to ensure sustainable choices in terms of materials as well as production technologies.

Selection of materials, printing technique and processing is an ongoing process which, in principle, we will never finish. New and more environment-friendly packaging solutions keep being introduced into the market and we monitor developments closely. Whenever we have the chance to make our products greener without compromising on food safety, then we naturally do it.

Foils for our Stickpacks
As the Omega Innovation fish oil products are liquid dietary supplements, the foils used for packaging are subject to specific requirements. The foils must be food certified and, among other things, they must be able to prevent light and UV ray permeation.

For this reason the foil quality is a mix of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), aluminium, nylon and polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene PE/PET belongs to group one under recyclable plastics.

The Boxes for our Products
The boxes are made of GalerieArt Silk paper/cardboard, which is a quality often used for such purpose. The production is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and the paper/cardboard is certified according to PEFC as well as FSC relating to sustainable forestry.

For printing of information on the boxes our supplier uses BoPack GAMA colours that are specifically made for printing on food packaging. The colours meet the requirements from EuPIA, the European Printing Ink Association.

Coating/varnish on the boxes is Labitex WB 660, which is also well suited for printing on food packaging, because it cannot permeate through to the products in the box. This has been established and approved by the independent ISEGA institute in Aschaffenburg.

Wrapping around the Boxes
We use Beauty Film type CLE/Perforated - a so-called polyolefin type of plastic which contains polypropylene (PP). PP belongs to group five under recyclable plastics.

Our wrapping is from the company Schlichter GmbH in Germany where all products are manufactured and supplied with the following certifications:

  • EU food-certified
  • FDA/US food-certified
  • REACH-certified (EU regulation)
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 14001 certification

We always encourage our customers to dispose of empty packaging in accordance with local rules for waste and sorting.



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